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Prebinding nidaqmxbase/lv under Mac OS X

I have recently installed the nidaqmxbase and nidaqmxbaselv frameworks on my Mac OS X 10.3.9 system in order to develope software for NI-USB-6008.  It appears that these frameworks are supplied without prebinding, which disables prebinding of my compiled app.  Is there any way to get prebound versions of these libraries? Or is there some work-around to generate a prebound app?

Thank you for any advice.

BTW. I looked around but couldn't find an archive of this list.  Does one exist?  I would prefer to consult it before asking a question (which might be a FAQ).

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Based on this article from Apple, it looks like prebinding for 10.3.4 (and after) is unnecessary.
Also, you are correct in saying that to prebind an application, all of the frameworks it uses must be prebound as well.
There is a 3rd party application called Pacifist (not made by NI) that enables you to update prebinding information for a specific folder. That's not all it does; it's a pretty useful application.
What list are you asking about? The Multifunction DAQ forum list?
Michael P
National Instruments
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