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Power cable connector for cDaq-9174

Hello all,


I have a cDaq-9174 with a power cable connector damaged and now I need to purchase a new cable for it.

On the I've found the 763000-01, however this looks like a standard power cord (same ones that power computers, monitors, etc). What I am trying to find is the connector that is mentioned in the datasheet, however I cannot find the part number for it. See below the spec:


Power input connector: 2 positions 3.5 mm pitch pluggable screw terminal with screw locks similar to Sauro CTMH020F8-0N001.


Power input mating connector: Sauro CTF020V8, Phoenix Contact 1714977, or equivalent.


If anyone knows what is the P/N for this or where can I find it to buy it will be much appreciate it.




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I believe you should be able to purchase it directly from NI. See my attachment.

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I have a similar question, I am in need of a power cable and converter for my cDaq-9174 and am unable to find the cable anywhere in the product accessories or elsewhere on the website (or on ebay, Amazon, or other outside vendors), and I've been looking for over half an hour. The part is labeled as 'NI P/N 190415B-01' or 'C1816007156' but I haven't found any evidence of its existence anywhere on, or from which is on the label. I'm sure I can find a 12V/1.25A AC/DC converter somewhere and solder in a combicon terminal, but is this literally the only way to get a spare cable?? 
Thanks for your help. 

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The soldering is the only way so far that I found available. I have not tried to do that yet and I am not willing to. I believe NI should make sure that replacement parts are available, if so, make them visible on their website.

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