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Power Supply for USB-6363

Apologies for bringing this up again -- there are multiple posts on this topic already, but all of them seem to be out of date.


I need a replacement power supply for a USB-6363 with screw terminals.  The product page no longer specifies the power supply to use with this device, and the product previously linked to in other forum posts, 781513-01, doesn't seem to be available.


Does NI have a replacement offering?  The closest I could find is the auxiliary supply linked to here:


However, I can't confirm the connector type from the information listed there.  (And who is NI trying to kid with that $224 list price?) Smiley Wink



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The spec say:

Power supply requirements 11 to 30 VDC, 30 W, 2 positions 3.5 mm pitch
pluggable screw terminal with screw locks
similar to Phoenix Contact MC 1,5/2-
STF-3,5 BK
Power input mating connector Phoenix Contact MC 1,5/2-GF-3,5 BK or


You mean that the connector type noted isn't correct?    

I remember successfully powering a USB 63?? box with an old HP printer power supply flying around...


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What's specified is right.  I'm just looking for a charger brick that has the appropriate connector already molded to the cable, so I don't have to hack something together to power these things.


In other words, I'm looking for a replacement to the power supply that came with the device in the first place.



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Just checked with the hardware library and confirmed the USB-6363 uses the same two-slot connector as other cDAQ products, so the 40W cDAQ power supply on this page should work.

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