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Phase Angle Measurement isnig DAQ 6009

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Hello ,

I am measuring two analog signals with the USB DAQ 6009,I wonder if anyone has a tip,
or know any tool for phase angle measurement of these signals using LabVIEW. Thank you Ednaldo Cruz
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Accepted by topic author EdnaldoCruz

Have a look at the extract single tone iunformation vi  found at signal processing-measurements

Capture > 10 periodes 

Keep in mind, that you have a multiplexed input, so you will measure a certain delay in any case.

(apply the same signal to both channels, for each samplerate used, measure the phase, calculate the 'group delay' for correction)

Greetings from Germany

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Thank you,

really helped me a lot, man!



Greetings from Brazil .


7x01 :,(

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