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Performance of USB-7856R



We currently use PCIe-7852R FPGA cards and we are looking for something faster and more complex analysis routines.

The USB-7856R seems to beat all PCI/PXI cards, but are there any caveats I am missing by switching to USB?

If someone could share his experience with the USB-7856R card, that'd be very appreciated.


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Hi mreichen,


USB R Series devices offer a number of I/O capability upgrades over previous generations of R Series devices for PXI, PCI, and PCI Express. On the analog I/O side, these upgrades include faster analog input rates, user-selectable analog input ranges, and native fixed-point data representation. The upgrades to digital I/O include user-selectable logic levels and higher performance I/O that allows for faster speeds.


Now, I suppose you're using most of the functionnality of this type of RIO/DAQ board like Analog I/O, DIO and counters. If not some hardware using PXI with customizable front-end can help you to fit your need like the FlexRIO.





Victor F. | Systems Engineer
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Are there DMA channels? If so, how many and how different is the throughput & latency from PCIe cards?



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