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Pci-6225 with scc-68 and tc02 module on connector 1

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  I have a pci-6225 card hooked to a scc-68 with a TC02 module for temperature.  If I connect to connector 0 on the 6225 card everything works ok.  But if I connect to connector 1 I get a floating signal between 100 and 200 instead of the actual temperature.


  I connected the scc-68 to a PCI-6229 card and it works on connector 0 and connector 1 with no problems.  So is there any way to get the scc-68 work on connector 0 on the 6225 card?  The card passes it's self test, so I am trying to figure out what could be wrong with port 1.





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I just figured out why it does not work on connector 1 on the 6225 card.  There is no +5v power on connector 1, only connector 0. 


So for a quick test I took the +5v from the scb-68 on connector 0 to power the scc-68 on connector 1, and it seems to work so far.



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