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Parallel ports, the USB 6501 IO board & C++


I have some equipment I would like to send digital triggers to via the parallel port. My issue is that 64-bit Windows 7/10 seems to lack drivers for doing that. Another option is to use a USB->parallel port device. The one I am currently looking at is:


It apparently has a National Instruments USB 6501 OEM IO board and from what I can tell I would use NI-DAQmx to program it. From this readme it seems that later versions of Visual Studio are not supported. C++ is not mentioned either.


What I want/need is to include/link a 64-bit program/library, without any GUIs or large frameworks, that can be used/linked by Unreal Engine(64-bit and latest Visual C++(2015)). Can I use the 6501 for this purpose or do you have any other suggestions?




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The "ANSI C" support is just a C library. Even though newer versions of Visual Studio aren't listed as supposed, the Windows C ABIs and calling conventions haven't changed, so I would expect that to work fine.


For distribution, you do need NI-DAQmx installed on your target system. The smallest install of that is called the "NI-DAQmx Runtime" (latest version is presently 16.1.0). I don't know whether or not you would qualify that as a "large framework".

Brandon Streiff ·
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