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Parallel data acquisition problem



So my problem might be a really basic one, but as I am new to the NXG and I couldn't really find a solution I decided to kindly ask for Your help.

I need to acquire analog data from two DAQ channels with a different sampling rate (jet rpm vs temp,pressure and so on). I decided to create two tasks to read the data. Unfortunately when I run the program the error -50103 occurs.I found out that adding second Daqmxread causes the problem.

I found the error description on the internet,but still dont know where is the issue.

I attach print screens of a code (it is a bit messy and in development for now,but I can't go forward)

Thank You very much.

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What hardware are you using?  For most DAQ devices, you can only have 1 AI task due to only 1 sample clock and 1 mux being on the board.  So if you really want to sample at different rates, you will need another card.

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Thank You for reply.

I use ni6002 daq,but i have few of them so ,as I understood, I simply need to connect tachometer to another one (so the code isn't the problem itself )

Thank You very much for help,it cleared my mind.

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* ni usb-6001

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