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PXIe-6368 Trigger signal question.


I am using PXle-6358 daq.

This daq is installed in PXle-1073 and two SCB-68A are used for simultaneous multi-channel measurement.

I try to collect data by receiving a trigger signal on this daq.

I am using the DAQ-USB-6251, which is used by connecting the trigger input signal to APFI 0 (pin 29) and the GND signal to AI GND (pin 30).

I wonder which pin on the SCB-68A should connect the PXle-6358 daq trigger input signal and where to connect the GND signal.



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As first step, read following link. I think "Direct Feedthrough Mode" is the best setting for you.

SCB-68 and SCB-68A : DAQ Multifunction I/O Accessory Guide

"All 68 signals from the device break out directly to the screw terminals."


As a result,  pin29 on PXIe-6358 is connected to pin29 on SCB68A.

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