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PXIe 6356 / 6366 limitation of recordable samples

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we're using both cards in different systems. My question is if there is any limitation to the maximum number of

samples to be recorded at maximum sample rate. In other words, will there be a maximum recording time at a given sample rate. In classic oscilloscopes this is limited due to the internal memory. For the fast connected PXIe cards only the host system's memory should be the limit, I suspect. So it should be possible to record several minutes at maximum sampling rate. Am I right with that?
Thank you.

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Accepted by topic author Frank.Nothnagel

It's even better than that.  If you stream to disk, then it's your hard drive capacity that becomes the limit rather than system RAM.  Using DAQmx's TDMS logging feature is a particularly efficient way to stream to disk.


(There are some caveats for particularly high-speed acquisition devices.  Or for slow drives, but those kinda don't exist anymore.  If you manage to hit a limit, a little bit of extra work will give you another factor of 4 to work with -- you can save raw 16-bit integer A/D counts along with the calibration scaling instead of saving the default 64-bit double-precision floating point.)



-Kevin P

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Hello Kevin,


thank you very much. That was the information I needed!


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