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PXIe-6341 shows up in NI MAX but not as a DAQ



Attachment shows the issue:


The PXIe-6341 devices have both a greyed out icon and also a second icon that is not recognized as a DAQmx device.


So far I have:


Restarted computer

Restarted NI MAX

Reset configuration data in NI MAX

Removed the PCI cards (6110 and 6321)

Uninstalled all NI software and reinstalled

Updated DAQmx drivers to 9.8



Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit


Thanks in advance

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I encountered the same problem. and the solution is to reset the NIMAX.  Open the NIMAX, select the tools->reset the configuration.

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I have tried that, to no avail. Something is going on with the initial configuration of the device, but I don't understand what it is

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Latest NI-DAQmx is 9.9

May be give it a try.

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Actually, NI-DAQmx 14.1 is the latest driver. Try reinstalling this new driver, and then restart your computer. The new driver will upgrade and overwrite your old driver without having to uninstall.


DAQmx and Windows version compatibility!:


Best regards,

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Wrong link in the previous post. Here is the link for DAQmx and Windows compatibility: 

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I just wanted to give an update:


After several computers and reinstallations, my problem was was caused by the McAfee antivirus that is installed on all the computers. When it was disabled, the computer could talk properly to the 6341 cards.


Thank you everybody for all your suggestions, they were helpful in eliminating other possible problems

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Glad to hear, thanks for the update. Best of luck.

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