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PXI system (Unidentified)



I'm new in Labview, I have a DAQ card which its model is  "NI-PCI-6221(A)", 

I've pluged it into the computer, but when I launch MAX, .....Devices and interfaces....Ports.....I see "PXI System(Unidentified)"

Also, I can't see "NI-DAQmx devices"


Does anybode know why it hasn't been recognized?




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Your question has nothing to do with LabVIEW. Please provide the version of DAQmx you installed and the os you installed it on.
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thanks for your reply, the NI-DAQmx which is already installed is "7.2.0"

Sorry, what do you mean by "os"?

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os = operating system

That version of DAQmx is extremely old. Idon't see your device as being supported. It's now important to also provide your version of LabVIEW so someone can know what you have to install.
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The version of Labview is 7.1

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The latest version of DAQmx that works with LabVIEW 7.1 is version 8.9. This supports the 6221. Download from You still have not provided the os but you can check that compatibility yourself.
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I've downloaded it, but when I want to install it, ""Unable to open ......\setup.exe"

If I understood correctly it's for 64bit, right?

So, my PC is XP, 32bit...The reason is that?



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No, it is for both 32 and 64-bit. Try downloading it again. It sounds like it's corrupted.
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