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PXI-6723 output sinusoid wave synchorized with an external signal

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According to Analog Output Series help,  the DAC of  AO card like PXI-6723 reads a sample from the FIFO with every cycle of the AO Sample Clock signal  and generates the AO voltage,  and AO Sample Clock Signal can using an external source connected to any PFI or RTSI<0..6> pin as the source of Ao/Sample clock.

I'm just wondering if PXI-6723 can output  sinusoid wave which can synchronized with an external sinusoid wave?


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It may be possible but it is a bit tricky.


The external sampling clock determines the generation rate. If 1 cycle of a sine wave is loaded onto FIFO, then the sampling clock determines the frequency of the sine wave generated.


To synchronize the 6723 signal perfectly, your external signal source must generate a clock that is synchronous to the sine and also at a rate that is multiple of the FIFO size.


For example, if you load 1 cycle of sine wave onto onboard FIFO of 2047 samples, you need to supply an external clock of 2.047MHz to generate a sine wave of 1kHz.


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Thxs for your answers.

First of all ,   I'm not sure the size of onboard FIFO when PXI-6723 output a 2.4Khz ,10Vp-p sinusoid wave is 2047 sample?

Secondly, an external clock  to generate 2.4Khz sine wave  should be 4.9128Mhz or Multiple times of it?

Thirdly,  if it is true and happened that there was a external clock which is 4.9128Mhz , how to  introduce this external clock to PXI-6723 in hardware to produce a sine wave listed above?

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