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PXI 6704 generate voltage more than 10V?



I am using a PXI 6704 card to generate voltage for testing an I/O board of a product. The AO range of the PXI card is specified as +/- 10.1V. The Unit which I am testing has AI of 0 to 10V . An out of range test has to be performed I mean 10.5V has to be generated using the PXI card to check if the board is latching it at 10V. How can i achieve that? Can I put two channels in series and generate this Voltage? In the specification doc of PXI 6704 under Voltage section  'Protection ..Short-circuit to ground' is mentioned . What does that mean?

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As far as I know, NI sticks pretty close to their specifications.  If they specify that the board can output up to 10.1 V, it's likely the DAQmx driver won't allow you to enter a higher voltage without generating an error.

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Here are some ways that came to my mind:

-Use an amplifier ...

-add a battery in series to shift the output. (if you read back the output voltage you can even check the Vbat.

-instead of a bat use a diode (or LED) with a external supply to shift the Vout

-using  Cs and Ds to shift a AC output to X times the AC amplitude   ( capacitve voltage doubler) 



Well and instead of shifting the analog  ouput, if the DAQ is floating, just shift the Agnd.


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