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PXI-6509 - Using Test Panels to troubleshoot failed cards

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So we have been having issues with multiple 6509 cards failing. The failures are occurring on the DIO transceivers on the A Side (5V). We diagnose this by using a multimeter to check the pins on the transceiver to chip ground. The failed chips have IO pins shorted to ground.


These failed cards will pass self test in NI MAX.


Can I set up test panels to check the functionality of the transceivers rather than swapping cards or removing them to manually check? 




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The self test just makes sure it the card is there (ie, the driver can talk to it).


In your case, I would make a loop-back setup so that you have port 0 write a pattern and verify it with port 1.  Then write a different pattern and verify it again (0xAA and 0x55 work really well).  You can then do the opposite (write port 1 and read port 0).  Repeat this process with each pair of ports.

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Thank you!

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