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PXI 6225 over voltage protection


Iam using PXI 6225 to measure analog signals in the range of 0 to 5 volts in single ended mode.

I would like to know the over voltage protection for the analog inputs in PXI 6225.

As per the spec sheet, it is +-25 V  in ON mode.

Will the card withstand the voltage spike in this limit in Single ended mode or this is for reference single ended mode?

Some one please clarify this.





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Hi Niju,


Overvoltage Protection is defined as "the maximum voltage differential that can be sustained between a channel’s input terminal and the common terminal on the module's terminal base without damage occurring to the input circuitry."


This difference doesn't depend on the mode of acquisition. In both RSE and NRSE, your input shouldn't be 25 volts above or below the common pin, which is AI GND in RSE and AI SENSE in NRSE.




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A little correction: Overvoltage Protection is measured from the AI GND pin. This means that although it is possible to measure a 5V pot. difference between two pins that are on, say, 25V and 20V w.r.t. AI GND, it will not be possible to measure a difference of 5V if your pins are at 26V and 21V respectively (this can harm your device). All the pins, in a nutshell, should not be at a potential of more than 25 V above your AI GND. This applies to AI SENSE too.



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