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PXI-6071e triggering



I’m a relative newbie to DAQmx and wondered if anyone could give me a few pointers on this. I need to measure the voltage on 16 solenoid outputs, which are connected to a PXI-6071e card via some signal conditioning. The test involves sequentially turning each output on & off and checking the remaining outputs haven’t generated any spikes or glitches. I was intending to trigger off each output in turn and from what I gather, I’ve got 2 options – either, OR the outputs together via a summing amplifier & route this to the PFI0 trigger input, or dynamically create a DAQmx task, re-ordering the channel list so the one I want to trigger off is the first entry. If I’ve got that right, which is preferable?


Looking at the DAQmx trigger options, there’s one called ‘Start Analog Multi Edge’ which seems to be exactly what I want. However, when I try & use it, I get an error saying ‘Requested value is not a supported value for this property’ which I’m guessing is because it’s not available on a series E card. I was wondering which DAQ cards do support this and whether there are any code examples. It’s possible the 6071e might be upgraded to a 6255/6355 in the near future.




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I don't remember support for hardware analog triggering in the older E-series line, though I'm not certain about your specific board.


There's a software post-processing based function available for locating a trigger condition though.  You can find it using quick-drop under the name "Basic Level Trigger".  It's use is illustrated in the shipping example "Basic Level Triggering of"



-Kevin P 


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