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PSH32-30F cable layout.

I would like to use a PCMCIA DAQCard-4350.
Does anyone knows the connector pin layout for the cable PSH32-30F which is no more available from NI.
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Hi texi,

You might be able to call a sales person and see if they have some info.  I found the old part number for that cable as being:

For DAQCard 4350, use PSH32-30F cable (part number 183965-01)

I wasn't able to find any specs for it on or thru Google.

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Hi ,


Do you know if  PSH32-30F cable are the same as SH68-68-EPM cables??

Can I use  them instead to connect a TBX-68T to a PXI 4350?



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The PHS32-30F AND SH68-68-EMP cables are different.  The SH68-68-EPM cable should have a 68 pin connector on each end.  The PHS32-30F cable should have 32 pins on one end and 30 on the other.  I am loking for a PHS32-30F cable for a DEQCard 4350.  Have not been able to find one.  If any one has one, please post the types of connectors on each end and the pin-outs.


Thank yoiu,



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