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PCIe-6363 on Linux

Dear all,


I'm interested in purchasing a PCIe-6363 to generate analog waveforms at high sample rates (e.g. > 1 MS/second). The machine in which I intend to install the board is running the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (7.4).


After looking into the driver situation, I'm a bit discouraged/surprised: the DAQmx driver does not seem to exist on Linux, only a basic version called "DAQmxbase" whose latest release is over 2 years old. This release does not mention PCIe-6363 in the list of supported devices. Furthermore, it seems that this basic version has some issues with DMA that might be problematic if high sample rate output is desired.


Can anyone clarify? Is NI simply not supporting Linux anymore? Or is there another driver I missed?



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Hello wjakob,


sorry for this, at the moment only the NI Measurement Hardware DDK (Driver Development Kit)  can be a solution. After click on the link in page you should reach this page NI Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit there is a manual for register level access to the x-Series devices.

best regards
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It's a bit too low level for me Smiley Sad. It looks like the only solution would be to use a Windows machine ... bummer.

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Hello wjakob,                    

or a M-Series card.

best regards
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