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PCIe-6361 to BNC-2120 AO EXT REF



I have a PCIe-6361 going to a BNC-2120 breakout box, and I would like to use an external reference voltage for the limits on my AO line.  I can do this when I use a BNC-2110 breakout box by feeding the external reference to APFI.0, but I can't seem to do it when using the BNC-2120 breakout box.  I tried using the PFI.0 line on the 2120, but to no avail (no error message, it just didn't work).  Is this not possible with the BNC-2120?



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Hi Stephen,


Unfortunately, the APFI 0 line (pin 20 on your PCIe-6361) is not accessible through the BNC-2120. It is accessible through the BNC-2110 (as you have seen) and through the SCB-68.

Best regards,
Rohan B
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