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PCIe 6351 detected in MAX but not relaying information to BNC

I am using a PCIe 6351 card for a research project but I am unable to get it to work using MAX. It registers the card and passes a self test but is unable to self-calibrate and records a temperature of -40.9 C.  It was unable to register an analog input when I connected a 9 V battery to a BNC-2111, and when I tried using an SCB-68 to have an analog output nothing registered on the multimeter.  I am using MAX 19.0, which I got when I downloaded the 2019 student edition of LabVIEW.  I'm open to any suggestions about how to get this card working... would a different version of MAX make any difference? I know the cable I'm using works and I was able to successfully use a PCIe 6251 but the methods I used to get that working do not work for this card.

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