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PCI6052E analog interface trouble

I have a trouble woth my PCI6052E multifunctional DAQ board. When I perform self-calibration procedure, I give this response:
Running Calibration ...   FAILED for the following reason: 

Error -200329 occurred at DAQmx Self

Possible reason(s):

An error has occurred while attempting to configure the device for an analog input acquisition.

If an external master timebase is being used, make sure the source is connected and generating an appropriate clock. Otherwise, contact National Instruments Technical Support.

Can you help me?

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Dear Michele,
Wolud you be so kind to test your board with the DAQ diagnostic utility.
It sounds like a broken board, just use the utility like a final test.
If the board is broken you should call your local National Instruments Office and ask for a reapairing quote.
Best Regards
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Thank you FiloP!
I have already tried the diagnostic utility, but it give an error with the analog interface.
I think the board is broken.

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