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PCI to ISA Adapter

Does anybody know where I can find an adapter from a PCI to ISA slot on an computer?

I have an old test program running on a ten year old computer using LAB-PC+ and some other ISA boards.  I am trying to move this to a newer computer with little or no changes to the test program.
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Thank you for contacting National Instruments.  I know that National Instruments does not make any PCI to ISA adapters or vice-versa.  However, I googled the phrase "PCI/ISA Adpater" and got a lot of hits talking about different kinds of that architecture. 
Hope that helps!
Jeff P.
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I found this product that can add an ISA expansion chassis to a computer with PCI slots. You can add three to twenty ISA slots.

John Bessire
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Good find John!
I searched a bit and didn't find anything promising.
Here's an updated link for future reference (the other link went to an NI page not found)
Note the DMA and I/O caveats, do not know if they apply to your DAQ hardware
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Here's a P4 2.4G MOBO with 3 PCI and 3 ISA slots, also from CyberResearch if you want to go this route:

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