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PCI/USB device appear in MAX as PXI System

My system is win10 PC, LabVIEW 8.6. It was designed to be used with bench equipment (Power Supply, DMM with multiplexer, Audio Analyzer)


When I try to install PCI-4461, it appears in MAX as "PXI System (Unidentified) PXI8::4::INSTR(PCI-4461) while it appears on System's Device Manager as (NI) Data Acquisition Devices PCI-4461.


Hence, I can't do programming with this card.  


I try with USB-6008, it doesn't appear on MAX neither.   (this USB-6008 is tested with the other system and work well)


I uninstall/re-install LabVIEW and all its software, the problem still appear.  


How can I fix it?  



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Wait a minute, how did you even get to install LV 8.6 on a Win10.


This would come as a surprise to you, but, simply, NO - those are obsolete software that was not supposed to run on Win10 and nobody can help you to get them run on Win10


LV 2015 SP1 and DAQmx 15.5 is the earliest one supported on Win10.

Please update LV and Drivers to at least LV2015 SP1 and DAQmx 15.5 to work on Win10.


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