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PCI MIO 16E resource conflict

Hi everyone,
I've got a resource conflict problem.I've recently installed all our cards into a new PC. Everything seemed to work fine until I connected the NI PCI-MIO-16E-4 to the cable going to our scanners. When I boot the computer and the card is wired I get a resource conflict error for the PCI, right at system sart up from the BIOS Diagnostics. If the card is not communicating with any other devices there is no such problem, boot up is smooth.
It seems the card uses the same IRQ 19 (???) as the PCI Express controller and the SATA on-board device. But how is it possible that it only causes conflict when a cable is on the card ? Even in MAX it the test fails as soon as I connect the device onto the board whereas without the test runs fine ...
Is this a problem with  incoming signlas or some
I don't find a way to modify the IRQ of any of the devices (Intel 945G chipset, FujitsuSiemens MB D2156-S1). So if anyone has some advice...
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Hi Kryer,

could you please tell us, what Operating System you're using and if the board worked in the past in other PC's?


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we're using WinXP on a brand new PC with for PCI Slots and one PCIe.

Before, the card worked fine on WIN98 with exactly the same number of PCI cards in the PC; this was an PII double processor at 300MHz each.

BUT, in fact,  the error mysteriously disappeared on its own. I only disconnected and reconnected the cable while the computer was turned on without changing any other parameter (I don't know if this is recommended ?!) but know now more error messages ... I don't know if WinXP reconfigured upon this, but hey, funnily enough, it solved the problem.


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great to hear that the system up and running - makes the holidays much easier Smiley Happy!.
Just an idea: Is it possible, that the board drew too much current from the pc power supply at the moment our rebooted your system? Power supplies are always a hot issue if you use more than one boards ...

Have a great day


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I don't know. We've got 4 cards in this machine. It is a brand new PC, but it has "only" a 380 W power supply. So it may be that, but I always thought if there was not enough power, the PC would not start up....

Anyhow, hope the problem does not come back Smiley Wink

Thx again

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