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PCI-MIO-16E-4 with SCXI 1000 chassis all channels output -5 V

I have a system using a SCXI 1000 chassis that plugs into a PCI-MIO-16E-4. 1520 amplifier modules and 1121 modules are installed in the chassis and I have used it to connect a force plate through a 1314 terminal box. The system worked fine 3 days ago, but we had issues with the computer so we wanted to move it to a different one (that did not work out in the end). The issue is, since we moved the PCI-MIO-16E-4 to the other computer and then back to the original one, the signal on all channels is -5 V.

I am running Labview 2010, the DAGmx is 4.8, and the operating system Windows 7. The computer showed that it detected PCI-MIO-16E-4 in the device manager and it seems to work as usual. Also, in the Measurement and Automation Explorer, the SCXI 1000 chassis and PCI-MIO-16E-4 seem to work normally, as do the modules that are installed in the chassis. However, when running a "test pannel" they always show -5 V.


A controlled single BNC input still reads -5 V, regardless of the input signal. Meaning I am sure that the -5 V signal is not an issue with my force transducer. What is a bit curious is, that the signal does not start there. If the chassis and computer were turned off for a while the signal starts close to 0 and then drifts -5 V within a minute or so. After that, it remains at -5 V.


Does anybody have an idea what might be the issue?







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If you reset the MAX Database and reconfigure the chassis, does it still rail at -5V?

Reset MAX Database

NI Technical Support Engineer
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Hello Chase,


Thank you for your help!

I have recently (a week ago) done that because I could not access the devices in the measurement and automation explorer. I went to do it again just now, but the readings are still all at -5 V. 





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Does the device pass a self test in NI MAX or can it be reset? If it still fails in test panels after both those options, the device is in need of repair. I would reference here if you would like to send it in:

NI Technical Support Engineer
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