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PCI 6733 self-test

I installed DAQ cards PCI 4472  and PCI 6733 in the same machine.
4472 works fine. But 6733 shows this message:
" Error 200020 - occured at self test".

I have installed NI DAQmx 7.3.
My computer in which both the cards are installed is a
Dell Precision 360, P4, 2.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, with Windows XP.

I tried to install 6733 in two other computers. It passed the self test in both of them.
One of the machines had Windows 2000 and other had Windows XP(configuration similar to mine).
So there seems to be no problem with the card. I formatted my machine and tried to install the card again. Even then, I get the same error message. There is no resource conflict with Windows.

I removed 4472 from the slot and checked with just 6733 on the machine. I also tried it in all the PCI slots. That doesn't seem to be useful either. What could be the problem?
Can I use the card even if it doesnot pass the self test?


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Thank you for contacting National Instruments.

Have you tried reproducing this problem with the latest NI-DAQmx drivers (7.5)? Are you able to use the card even though it fails the self test?

It is possible that your system is not supplying the necessary 3.3 V and 5 V supply from the PCI bus. This can be especially true when using industrial PCI or expansion PCI chassis. Verify that your computer's motherboard has a 3.3 V supply for the PCI bus before proceeding with other troubleshooting. Visit Appendix A of the NI 671X/673X User Manual for more information.

Michael P
National Instruments
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I have been informed that this is a known issue with the 6733. You should call NI support at 866-275-6964 to have the board repaired.
Michael P
National Instruments
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