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PCI_6723 AO_VWrite failure

I have a PCI_6723 DAQ card that I'm using solely for analog outputs. A call to Init_DA_Brds doesn't work as the PCI_6723 isn't acknowledged via that call. How can I query the card to find out what it is? Also, I have proper parameters but when I make a AO_VWrite call I get a -10403 error. What would cause that error? Thanks.
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Dear Grasshopper!
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From what I understand about your issue, I figure that you are using C as your framework in order to address the card. To answer your question with respect to this assumption:

1) There is no function call to query the card to find out what it is -- when we use C calls for DAQmx we would refer to the instrument as Dev1/ai0 or Dev1/ao0 or Dev1/ctr0 and so on depending on what channels/capabilities the card has. In order to find out what features your card has, use the Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). You can also create task to test your card's functionality from MAX.

2) Error -10403 means that you are trying to configure the card to perform an operation that it is not supp
osed to support - this could be anything from analog triggering to variations in input parameters for the various function calls. It would be a good idea to look into the manual for the 6723 in order to verify what features are supported and what are not. You can find the manual here.

This should effectively put you on track to use the 6723 effectively.

Thanks and Regards
Shekhar S.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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