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Is it possible to obtain information on the use of the PCI memory
addresses used by this board? I have to replace the hardware used in an
existing application (written in C) by a PCI6602 board and to modify the
software to fit.
I do not, at this time, wish to rewrite the whole application in
LabView and in any case it currently uses some non NI cards
so I would just be moving the problem!
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You can determine the base address for a National Instruments board by calling the NI-DAQ function Get_DAQ_Device_Info (see NI-DAQ Help for deatils.)
If you are looking for a Register Map of this board, there is not one available, thus you will need to use NI-DAQ Functions to use the 6602.
You can see examples of how to do this by installing NI-DAQ support for C/C++ when you install NI-DAQ. The examples for the 6602 will be in your NI-DAQ\Examples\VisualC\ctr folder. You can also find more examples at -> Resourse Library search for NI-TIO.

Nick Wilson
National Instruments
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