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PCI 6341 with SCXI 1102B

I have a PCI 6341 connected to a SCXI 1102B (with a SCXI-1303 terminal block).  I can read data on ai0, but not any other channel and the SCXI is not shown in NI-MAX as an available accessorie under "Configure".  Is this DAQ card compatible with the SCXI 1102B?




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The DAQ card only reads from one analog input when interfacing to the SCXI, and it knows that it is looking at a switch. So this is understandable if you are only reading from one AI.The way to configure the 1102B and terminal block is to first add your SCXI chassis in max, and then configure it. In this configuration, you can select to add a card manually and then select your 1102B. You can additionally add the terminal block from the SCXI chassis configuration.


I hope that this helps you.   

Sal H.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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