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PCI-6289 Troubleshooting

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Hello, I have inherited a PCI-6289 in my lab group to run a NI Breakout Box for the purposes of collecting photodetector and trigger data. To do this I have been using a Python script that has worked well until last week. I can no longer run the script or collect data as the terminal tells me it can't find the NIDAQ instrument anymore. I am using the intrumental-lib python module that has worked for the past few months without issue. I believe this is an issue with the PCI-6289 card. If it were an issue with the Breakout Box it would give me an input error that I have seen many times and know how to fix, but this time it fails earlier in the script.


I have checked my drivers and updated them to the latest (NI-DAQmx 18.1). I have also tried transferring the card to another computer with the same results.


Is there a way to diagnose this issue from the PC? I have tried looking through Device Manager but I don't find anything obviously related to PCI-6289. NI MAX doesn't recognise the device but with that only being installed in the latest update for the PC I don't know if it is supposed to show up or not.


Any help is appreciated!

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Try to unistall NI-MAX (on control panel), DAQmx (control panel too, on NI software) and install DAQmx or VISA to install NI MAX again.



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Thanks for the advice, I found a computer with a PCI slot that was able to work so I believe it's a hardware issue with PCI slots on the computer I was using.

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Hi everyone,

Now I have NI PCI-6730. I want to python program to connect and control signal via PCI-6730

Can you help me.

I don't know how way use it

Thanks in advance,


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@ngvhien - it is not ethical to hijack someone else thread for one's own purpose, please create a separate thread unless you face the same exact problem as described by OP.


Anyway, these are some articles to get started with using DAQmx in Python


Soliton Technologies

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I am so sorry

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