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PCI-6255 in LINUX

Hello every one
I have PCI -6255 DAQ Card. The CD's came with it have drivers for Windows not for LINUX. Can i find out drivers for PCI-6255 for LINUX operating systems?
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Hi Asim,

The drivers for NI products are freely downloadable from From that page, you can narrow the selection based on operating system, hardware, and other characteristics. For your case, I believe the driver that would best support your card is DAQmx Base 3.1 [1]. As with all Linux drivers, please read the readme file carefully to correctly install the driver. Also, please be aware that NI officially supports only three Linux distributions [2].

[1] NI-DAQmx Base 3.1 - Mandriva, RedHat, SUSE

[2] What Linux Distributions Do National Instruments Drivers and Software Support?

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Hi All-
Unfortunately NI-DAQmx Base does NOT support the NI 6255 devices.  There is no NI-released driver for Linux currently (as of May 2008) that provides NI 6255 support.  Your best option would be to either switch to a Windows machine and use NI-DAQmx, or use the Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (MHDDK) and employ the 6255 workarounds I list here.

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Tom W
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