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PCI-6250: ADC converter not responding


PCI-6250: ADC converter not responding

Hi everyone. I was hoping for more direct contact to NI but hopefully this helps.


So we are using a PCI-6250 for data collection during calibrations. It is set up with a specific software from the company that built the whole fixture. Due to this, the software tends to be old and computer is stuck running XP. Despite the old software/drivers, it has operated just fine. Over the last year, every now and then an error would come up stating, WATCHDOG - ADC Converter not responding, during our calibration. Simply shut the software off, bring it back up, and no problem. Today, that doesn't work. It simply can't make it through any calibrations before the error comes up. I decided to dig into the whole system and all I can find at fault would be the M-DAQ card. I have rummaged all throughout the internet and can't seem to find anything that relates to my situation. The setup we have is a breakout box (collects UUT and reference) that goes to an amplifier, then feeds to a SCB-68, then to the PCI-6250. Everything in the system seems to function fine, except when the software goes through the calibration routine. 


So simply, has anyone experienced an ADC failure and received such an error code? I don't see how it could be anything else, but I just want some additional feedback on it. Thanks

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Re: PCI-6250: ADC converter not responding

This is not a definitive opinion, but that sure doesn't sound like NI error text to me.  It sounds more like something asserted by the software application.  To me, that makes it less certain that there's a physical hardware problem with the 6250 board.   Still plausible though b/c there's no way to know what the original condition might be that leads the software app to assert the error.   I just wouldn't rule out other kinds of troubleshooting quite yet.



-Kevin P

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Re: PCI-6250: ADC converter not responding

Hi Ian,


Have you tried moving the card to another computer and running a NI MAX test panel Analog Input to rule out the card?

Please make sure the computer is off before trying to remove the PCI card.


This could at least test that the 6250 ADC is working properly.



Alex G.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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