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PCI-6225 does not mate to SHC68-68-EPM & SHC68-68 per manual.

PCI-6225 manual says this:


The NI 6225 has two connectors that require different cables.

Choosing a Cable for Connector 0

In most applications, you can use the following cables with Connector 0:

  • SHC68-68-EPM2—A high-performance cable designed specifically for M Series devices. It has individual bundles separating analog and digital signals. Each differential analog input channel is routed on an individually shielded twisted pair of wires. Analog outputs are also individually shielded

Choosing a Cable for Connector 1

In most applications, you can use the following cables with Connector 1:

  • SHC68-68—A shielded cable with 34 twisted pairs of wire. Each differential analog input channel on Connector 1 is routed on a twisted pair on the SHC68-68 cable

We bought these two cables, and the SHC68-68 connector is on backwards.  It cannot mate when the SHC68-68-EPM connector is plugged in.  ???

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What exactly do you mean when you say the SHC68-68 connector is on backwards?

Can you confirm that these are the cables that you have, and that you did not receive the wrong cable?



If there is a defect on your cable (backward connector), you can request a repair/replacement by talking to an NI Applications Engineer.  You can reach one by requesting support at .

National Instruments

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We can confirm that we received the proper cables, based on the cabel labelling.  The website pictures are not clear enough to confirm the SHC68-68 connector orientation.  The two 6225 high density connectors have the fat side next to each other.  This means that the SHC68-68-EPM and SHC68-68 both have to have the fat side of the connectors on the FLAT side of the housings, where they can fit next to each other when plugged in.  The SCH68-68-EPM does, the SHC68-68 doesn't.  The SHC68-68 housing appears to be on backwards.

We are taking the next step, so we have swapped the housing, and are trying to confirm that the pins are going to the right terminals.  NI application support could not clearly tell me that the housing was on backwards, and suggested we swap the housing around and test.  We are doing that.

The PCB and cable documentation should be explicitly clear about what is required.  Visually, it appears NI requires BOTH cables to be the SHC68-68-EPM type, but their manual does not state this, as shown in the original post.  Hopefully this is a one-time manufacturing defect.  We will find out if we are OK when we retest.

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