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PCI-6221 for PCI experss bus



I have a PCI-6221 card, and I need to install it onto another motherboard (another computer). That motherboard, however, does not have PCI slots, but only PCIe (PCI express) slots. Is there a version of PCI-6221 that has the same characteristics but is adapted for the PCIe slot? 


I already have a LabView program that worked with the PCI-6221 on the previous computer before, and I would like to use the same functionality on another computer (with no proper PCI-slots, but with only PCIe slots). Or is there an alternative card (which is not PCI-6221) that would have a PCIe bus, but with which I could still use the same LabView blocks and same program as I used previously?



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It's likely a PCIe-6321 would be a drop in replacement.  You should verify the specs and pinouts, but based on what I know of the model numbering conventions NI tends to follow for MIO boards, I'm pretty sure you'll find it to be a suitable substitute.



-Kevin P

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Thanks Kevin.

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