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PCI 6221 differrent pulses on on ctr0 and ctr1



i´m using a PCI 6221. Is it possible to generate to different and independent pulses on ctr0 and ctr1. I am using ctr1 to trigger a camera and i need a second independent pulse to control a steppermotor-card. Is there any possibility to do that?



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If you want to generate a continous pulse train the answer is yes.

But when generating a finite pulse train, both counters will be needed for for this.




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Christian is absolutely correct.  I just wanted to make it clear that you may generate single pulses on each counter independently.  The only limitation is with generating a finite (greater than 1) train of pulses.  Older hardware requires the use of both counters to generate the finite pulse train.  X Series boards and cDAQ chassis (other than the 9172) do not have this restriction.


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John Passiak
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There's one other sneaky thing you might be able to do if this app isn't using AI and/or AO.  You can configure finite sampling tasks for the AI or AO subsystem and then export its sample clock signal to a PFI pin.


You might be able to operate your stepper for a finite number of steps at a constant pulse rate this way.  You probably will want to use a real counter to get the timing right for your trigger signal.


-Kevin P

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