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PCI-6132 + DAQmx 14.5.1 services

Recently I encountered very strange behaviour of NI PCI-6132 with DAQmx 14.5.1 + Windows 7 64 bit. 

Additional info: 

There is also PCIe-6112 in the system. DAQmx is from LabVIEW 2011 installer. I can install newer DAQmx on target  PCs (not on development due to LV2011 compatibiility), but it is not convenient.


1) Install, first restart, it works.

2) Restart PC ->

3) Self test 6132 fails error -50400, reset fails (no error information)

4) Reset configuration data, restart PC

5) It works

6) Restart PC, GO TO (3)


It works only one windows OS session after configuration data reset.

OK, it was stopping NI services while resetting configuration data. Kill and disable the ones I do not need (most of them on target run-time pc ).

No NI services.png

Everything works.


Any comments? 

It started last month. We had these systems for years (DAQmx 14.5.1 for the last year), no troubles. Is some of the web services conflicts with recent windows security updates?

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I'm not aware of any specific interference from Windows Updates with those services, though that's not to say that isn't the problem here. Just to confirm, is this occurring across multiple machines? If so, you can try rolling back recent Windows updates to confirm whether or not that is the cause in this specific instance. 

If it's only occurring on one computer, I would consider force reinstalling DAQmx (of the same version you already have) or possibly even upgrading NI MAX. You can get a more recent version of NI MAX by installing NI System Configuration, and it will be backwards compatible with all of our drivers. This way you don't have to worry about changing specific driver versions but the services themselves should be updated.

Charlie J.
National Instruments
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