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PCI-6111 shows constant input value

Dear NI Discussion Forums,

        I borrowed a PCI-6111 from my colleague and I am testing it. In the Analog input in MAX, sometime it showed 0.00000 V value the whole time, but some other time it just showed the value at the min input range (such as -10 V when I set the input range of +/- 10V). I have a PCI-6035E plugged in the same computer and the 6035E worked just fine. I tried different versions of NI DAQ (6.9.1 and 7.3) and NI DAQmx (8.5) but got no luck. I also tried to link the Analog out to the Analog in of the card to see if the sine signal from the output show up in the input but got no luck as well. I am not sure if this card is still working and there is someting I am missing. I knew it worked before when I visited my colleague in the UK. I wonder if any of you ran into the similar problem before? Thank you very much.




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