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PCI-6036E - Run time error 10444


In a VB 6.0 application, I do an AI read of 7 channels every .5 sec, the scan rate is 2000 Hz,
and the number of scan is 1000. To avoid buffer fill up too quickly, before every read
I reset the card, reconfig, and then read using AcquireData, then stop.
So far, as the application runs for about half an hour I'll get this run time error:
"Error 10444 - No more system memory is available on the heap, or no more menory is available on the device
or insufficient diskspace is available."
I rule out diskspace and system memory. However, I don't know what else to do. Please advice.

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Hello MI guy,

I'm not too familiar with VB 6.0 errors but it sounds like your code might be leaking memory. I would check the task manager and see if your memory consumption continually increases when the program is running. Are you opening up any memory references in your code that you are not closing out?
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