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PCI-6013 card configuration with NI-DAQmx

Hello, I am having PCI-6013 card to configure with suitable NI driver. I've tried by installing NI-DAQmx 20.7 latest version. But its giving some error: daqmx191eol         

So Kindly guide me for successful configuration process to self test it on NI-MAX.



Nikhil Maral 

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As per the DAQmx 20.7 readme, your device PCI-6013 is not supported.


You would have to downgrade to the version that supports your instrument.

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Looking at the error again, it makes sense, it says your device is End of Life as of DAQmx 19.1


DAQmx 19.1 does not support your device whereas DAQmx 19.0 supports your device.


Your only option is to stay with DAQmx 19.0 for the rest of your instrument life or replace it with newer hardware.

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