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PCI 5153ex heat and no signal

PCI 5153ex heat and no signal

I'm trying to test the PCI 5153 DAQ card on NI Scope by inputting a 100Hz 5Vpp 2.5V offset sine wave. However in doing so I am noticing two problems. 

1. The BNC inputs themselves seem to be getting quite hot, I'm not sure if this is a problem or not

2. The DAQ card is not reading my signal and I don't know why

3. I am not able to access any trigger settings, the only allowed mode is Immed. even though I want to set an edge trigger.


I was thinking that if I just install the card and input something into CH0 it should be showing up on NI scope but I am struggling to find out why this is not the case. Is it a triggering issue? 

 Oh, also, when I click "Auto" I get the attached error message



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Re: PCI 5153ex heat and no signal


Can you please take a screenshot of your device and drivers in NI MAX?
Also, can you clarify point 3 a bit more? "

The best place to start is by running an example program that ships with the NI SCOPE driver; these can be found by navigating to Start>>All Programs>>National Instruments>>NI SCOPE folder. 

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