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PCI 1200 IRQ sharing

We are trying to install a PCI 1200 board into a new Dell running XP.
My question is can PCI 1200 share IRQ with other system resources such as a graphics card?
The PCI express slot (having graphics card in it) is sharing IRQ with the PCI slot that has the 1200 in it.
(There is one more PCI slot, but that has to be taken up by another princeton inst. card)

I am using the 6.9.3 driver for XP, and there is no way in BIOS set IRQs.   The IRQ assigned is IRQ 16



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Hi Pavel,

You can have PCI boards share the same IRQ level. Here is a quick link that explains this.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Nathan Yang
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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