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Over heating of PCI 4472B

Dear Sir/Madam


I have 2 PCI 4472B cards on an ASUS mother board in my research lab. Due to lack of suitable cable it has not been used operationally up to now but the computer has been turned on for several times. Recently, I find that after few minutes of turning the computer on the temperature of four ICs after the analog part of PCI 4472B card, which are indicated by a red rectangle in attached figure, reaches to 63 Celsius with out using it for data acquisition. Self check, Self calibration and Test plan are done successfully by NI MAX.

Is this temperature is natural even in nonoperational condition?


Best Regards.

Hamed Kashani.

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According to page 9 of the attached specifications, the operating temperature range is 0 to 50 °C and the storage temperature range is –20 to 70 °C.

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Hi Nichole,


Thank you so much for your reply. I had seen this document. This temperature range is related to environment but, I mean the temperature of the card itself.



H. Kashani.

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Unfortunately, that is not the normal working temperature of the module. Is the case being ventilated correctly? And if possible, can you find out the working temperature of your motherboard at that moment?

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Hello, wanted to know if there are any updates on your side.

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Yes, I measured the temperature of motherboard. It was about 25-30°C. Also, I tested the boards on other motherboard (Intel). Their temperature rises again. Chassis is ventilated correctly.


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Hello again,

If the temperature stays this way and the device is fully operational, then the problem must be in your case ventilation. I would recommend installing fans close to the card. The part that you squared on the photo are the ADCs, and whether you're acquiring data or not they heat up. 

Thank you.

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Thank you for your comment. I found a datasheet of ADCs IC "AK5393VS" as attached. At the first table of page 5. it is mentioned that ambient temperature (power applied) for this IC can be in the range of -10 to 70 °C. I try to have contact with AKM corporation about the problem. I will forward their reply to you.


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