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Output from USB-6210 to Oscilloscope

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Relatively new user and I am just trying to output a sine wave using Simulate Signal to my DAQ (NI USB-6210) and then read it on my o'scope.  I have tried using the digital output but I fear this is not the way to go because it only allows me to select 1-Sample On-Demand instead of continous sampes so I do not receive a smooth graph on my o'scope.  I am using DAQ Assistant to configure the DAQ.  I have a small hunch that the 6210 is the incorrect DAQ to do such a thing but maybe I am wrong.  I say this because from what I have read the 6210 does not have any Analog Outputs.


Any input will help!

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How can you think that a digital output (0/5V) can output a sine wave? Of course you have the wrong card.

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Accepted by topic author Axel Rose

Hi Axel Rose,


You would need a card with an analog output to do this.  One option that is similar to the card you have is the USB-6211



Jayme W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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I am buying a pressure regulator that I want to control using LabView/DAQ.  Like I said I have the 6210 which digital outputs 0-5V.  I can buy a regulator that has an input range of either 0-5 or 0-10V.  Will I have success buying the 0-5 and using the DAQ I have or should I get the 0-10 and buy a new DAQ (6211 or 6009)?  I am thinking I will have better results doing the later of my two options.



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Hi Axel Rose,


If your regulator requires an analog input, you will need to get a card with analog output capabilities.  The NI USB-6211 has two 16-bit, 250kS/s analog outputs, and the NI USB-6009 has two 12-bit, 150 S/s analog outputs.

Jayme W.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello.Currently I hesitate between the 6009 and the 6211 for my pressure regulator control.



I would like to control a pressure regulator with its analog input, and in the meantime, I also need to acquire several other signals in real time to check the effect of the pressure change.


Besides the input resolution, I also noticed another difference that the 6009 only accepts software-timed updates for the analog output. I saw "it is not capable of providing a continuous analog output" in an online document. Does it mean that 150 samples/sec is too low to generate a continuous analog output such as an analog waveform? I wonder if this could raise problems for my application of the pressure regulator control?   


Thanks a lot.

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You are correct, with the usb-6009 for the analog output the maximum update rate is 150Hz software timed. This functionality is limited due to the digital to analog converter inside the device, which only accepts software-timed updates of up to 150 samples per second.


You were talking about an online document, I think could be this one linked below, there you can find the complete explanation.

USB-6009 continuous generation



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Thank you for your kind response, fromm8.


In fact, I would like to know if this low frequency of the output voltage could cause problems for the control of a pressure regulator. The regulator need an analog input which ranges 0-5 V for example, and in proportion of the output pressure.




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