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Our NI USB-6343 device is not outputting voltage values below -4 or above +4 volts.

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We are having trouble with our NI USB-6343 device.  Using AnalogOut, the output values supported are only -4 to +4 volts.  We cannot get any voltage values above or below to work properly.  Can someone please tell me what could be wrong, as we should be seeing values from -10 to +10 volts.

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Hi Brianbat, 


That behavior isn't right. How are you measuring the output? Do you have a load on the terminal? The card can only drive 5 mA so your voltage would probably start dropping if you are pulling more current. 




David F.

Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments

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800 Ohm (or 1k) load?

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Accepted by brianbat

Thank you for the answers. The 50ohm impedence was causing some clipping on the top and low peaks.  We have since solved the problem by connecting a voltage follower circuit to overcome the impedence issue.

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