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OSError when using nidaqmx-python

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I want to use nidaqmx-python to read data from NI cDAQ-9184.

The example code can't be executed correctly,and python produces: OSError: [WinError 193] %1 is not a valid Win32 application.

I use Anaconda 3, and create a virtual environment, which Python (64 bits) version is 3.6.9. I install nidaqmx which version is 0.5.7.

I use Windows 10 (64 bits), install labview 2015 (32 bits) and NI MAX. 


After some unsuccessful attempts, I find I can executed the example code correctly in Python (32 bits), Python3 (32 bits) is my python in my operating system. But I want to use Python (64 bits) in the future.


(I am sorry for my poor English expression.)


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Hi WuTuT,


From your description I assume the bit version of python should match that of labview, which means you should have 64-bit labview installed before you can use nidaqmx package in 64-bit python.


It's only my assumption, correct me if i'm wrong



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After install labview 2018 (64 bit) and NI DAQ 18.0, I can run the code in Python 3 (64 bits) correctly. So I think you are right.

Thank you for your help ! 




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