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Not all physical channels listed

I am trying to set up a digital output task with my M series device (6229). A input for the DAQmx Create Channel I want to use an DAQmx physical channel constant (in this case a counter). In my understanding this constant should allow me to choose from all physical channels of my 6229 device. However, it only shows the analog input channels, which are of no use at all in this application. How do I make the constant show all available channels?
Thanks for advise!
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The problem is you probably started out with a Voltage Daqmx Create Channel of some sort (if you created constant from the DAQmx Create Channel) and therefore it will only show voltage channels. Or you just dropped the constant on the diagram which then defaults to AI. There are a couple of easy solutions.

1. Drop down the Create Channel VI associated with the counter measurement you want to take. When you then create a constant it will give you the counter channels.

2. Right click on the constant and select I/O Name filtering..., then select Counter Input or Output as your I/O type.

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I have tried the above suggestions and I still can't create any ctr constants for the 6229.

I am outputting freq from ctr0 to pfi10. I am using labview DAQmx connect terminals and disconnect terminals to re-route.
I have no problem creating a new route from the default pfi12 ctr0 output to pfi10. Problem is the output still exists on pfi12 too,
and I don't want that.

Can I disconnect the default routes of the ctr? How?

I cannot create a constant for the ctr0 output to use on the 'disconnect terminals' vi. I believe it would be named something like "Ctr0InternalOutput",
since that is what it is called in the MAX device  routes table.

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Search site for 'any pfi' to find post 'Generate and route digital pulse train to any pfi'.

Instead of 'connect terminals' this uses a DAQmx channel property which assigns the PFI line of your choice and
also seems to disconnect the default routing too so you don't end up with two routes instead of one.
Note the tristate vi at the end is probably necessary.

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