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Not able to view connection diagram in MAX

I get the error "The connection diagram tool does not support this device" when trying to view the connection diagram for a task.  I'm using the cDAQ-9172 with a NI 9215 module.  I'm pretty new to labview so hopefully it's something simple.

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Hi Andy,


The error message is correct: the DAQ Assistant connection diagram tool does not support the BNC version of the NI 9215, or any other BNC C Series modules. However, you can still right-click on the module in the Devices and Interfaces tree and select Device Pinouts from the context menu.



Brad Keryan
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Couple years old I know but I figured this would be better then making a new topic.


Why is this the case?  I love the connection diagram and show it off to non LabVIEW and NI people all the time, but once in a while I find hardware that doesn't support it.


Why isn't more hardware supported?  And can we expect to see more hardware added to support this?  I just tried the 9403, 9423, 9215 BNC and they don't work.

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