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Non-Contact or Tristate Analog Output with PXIe 6363 card

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Hello Guys,

I'm working on an application where I need to have 4 analog output (AO) sources permanently connected to 4 loads and in some cases 1 or 2 of them should be used in high impedance mode.

To explain it more clearly, I don't want them to give a potential of -5, 0, +5V etc. but to break the circuit or enter in high impedance (large resistance).

Does the PXIe 6363 card provide this functionality or do I have to connect relays between the loads and the AO?
The, and that I can use in Labview don't seem to support AO connection (attached figure).
Thanks in advance

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Accepted by topic author NikGR

No, the 6363 AO channels do not tri-state, you need to implement your custom circuit external to the instrument.


Some digital channels support Tri-state and so far never an analog channel on a DAQ.

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