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Noise on 6123

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I am getting some strange noise on my PXI 6123 with a BNC-2110 Connector.  I think there is a problem with the card.  I have confirmed that the signal going into the card doesn't have this noise.


Has anyone seen this before?  This jumps up to .015mV of one clock pulse then goes back to the expected signal.





Dan Shangraw, P.E.


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What range did you set on the channel measurement?
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This I beleive is set to +/- 10V.


At that setting I should have a resolution of .0003 V or .3 mV.  I am seeing a 15mV error.

Dan Shangraw, P.E.


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In my orginal Post there is an error.


It should be 15 mV of error not 0.15 mV of  error.


Sorry about the confusion

Dan Shangraw, P.E.


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Accepted by topic author ASTDan

I shorted the Analong Input to AI ground and still see the problem.


I think I have defective card.

Dan Shangraw, P.E.


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Hi Dan,


I wanted to point out that the absolute accuracy for the 6123 is 4.960mV according to the specifications (making some assumptions regarding the temperature, etc) and that this is the result after an average of 100 samples. This is defined in the Specifications document that is linked below on page 4. I would test to see how your card performs with the averaging as well as to check to see if this happens on each channel or a particular one. 


6123 Specifications 

Steve B

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